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Tips for Incorporating Animal Print Décor in Your Home

animal print decor
Project: Fox Crossing, Denver

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If you've been hesitant to incorporate animal prints into your décor, it's probably because you link them to an eccentric and extravagant style, making you think they're suitable only for maximalist homes. If this mindset resonates with you, then this blog is precisely what you need!

Animal print décor has the potential to blend seamlessly into all décor settings, even a minimalist home. Consider the svelte look of black and white zebra prints or the dichromatic contrast of a snow leopard's black spots against a white background. These choices present ideal options for incorporating animal prints into the ‘less is more’ décor styles.

animal print home decor interior design

To help you incorporate ‘animal print décor’ into your homes, which might feel challenging at the start, ali & shea are here with this home décor guide that focuses on animal print décor ideas!

The History of Animal Print Décor

The history of animal print décor spans cultures and centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations where animal skins were used for warmth and as symbols of status and power.

In Egyptian and Roman societies, animal prints adorned the robes of royalty, embodying a connection to the wild and a sense of opulence.

During the 1920s, animal prints began to capture the imaginations of fashion icons and interior designers alike, with prominent figures like Coco Chanel embracing these patterns in their creations. However, it was in the 1960s and 70s that animal print truly roared into the mainstream.

animal print wall decor

As the decades progressed, animal print décor evolved from a symbol of luxury to a versatile element in design. Modern interior designers have skillfully incorporated animal prints into minimalist, eclectic, and even industrial spaces, demonstrating its enduring appeal. Today, animal prints continue to captivate, with sustainable faux fur and innovative printing techniques allowing for ethical and creative expressions of this trend.

The Different Types of Animal Print Décor

A variety of animal prints evoke unique atmospheres and harmonize with diverse décor styles, rendering them favored selections for homes that embrace a fashion-forward outlook. Let’s explore some of these prints and how they can elevate your décor game to the next level!

Leopard Print

animal print wall decor

With its iconic golden hues and black spots, leopard print exudes a luxurious and exotic vibe. Often used as an accent, it complements both modern, eccentric, and traditional maximalist settings, adding a bold pop when incorporated into furniture or textiles.

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Zebra Stripes

zebra animal print living room decor

Characterized by its striking black and white stripes, zebra print brings a sense of dynamic contrast to rooms. This print can be incorporated into minimalist spaces for a contemporary edge or combined with other patterns for an eclectic look.

Cow Print

cow print animal print decor ideas

Another one with the classic black and white palette, this print introduces a more rustic and whimsical charm. Ideal for farmhouse-inspired décor, cow print is often found in rugs, upholstery, and kitchen accessories, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Tiger Print

tiger print animal print decor for living room

Tiger print, featuring rich orange and black stripes, embodies royalty in a pattern. It's a statement choice, often used to create focal points in rooms or to add drama to furnishings.

Ideas to Incorporate Animal Print in Home Décor

If you have finally made up your mind along with your wild heart to infuse animal prints into your home décor yet find yourself uncertain about executing this choice effectively, we’ve got your back! Use the following tips and ideas to incorporate animal prints in your décor and add just the right bit of nature’s free spirit and wilderness to your space:

Choose the Right Animal Print for Your Style

animal print bathroom decor

Select animal prints that resonate with your overall interior theme. Leopard print can be a great choice if your style leans toward a classic look with a touch of wildness. On the other hand, if you're looking to stand out and experiment with a more graphic pattern, zebra print might be for you. Another option– Cheetah prints, typically feature warm colors like tan and brown, perfect for décor like Scandinavian or rustic farmhouses.

Use Animal Print Sparingly

animal print home decor accessories

Less is often more when it comes to animal prints. Instead of overwhelming a space, use these prints as accents. Incorporate them through throw pillows, cushions, small rugs, or decorative accessories. A single statement piece, like an animal print chair or ottoman, can become a focal point without dominating the room.

Mix and Match Different Animal Prints

mixing animal prints decor

Experiment with combining different animal prints for a unique and eclectic aesthetic. To avoid clashing, stick to a similar color scheme or pattern size. Mixing prints like zebra and tiger stripes or cow and leopard print can create an interesting contrast while maintaining visual harmony.

Pair Animal Print with Neutral Colors

home decor animal print

Neutral tones like white, beige, gray, and black can act as a backdrop that allows animal prints to stand out. Use neutral-colored furniture, walls, and larger décor items to create a balanced canvas. This prevents the room from feeling too busy and helps the animal print accents shine.

Balance with Solid Colors and Other Patterns

decor animal print

To prevent overwhelming your space, balance animal prints with solid colors and other patterns. For instance, pair animal print cushions with solid-colored sofas or chairs. Introduce complementary patterns like botanical patterns, stripes, or geometrics in a subdued palette to add depth and complexity without clashing.

Consider Texture and Material

Animal prints often look best on rich textures like velvet, faux fur, or suede fabrics. For example, leopard print looks best with faux fur. These textures enhance the tactile appeal and add depth to your décor.

Focus on Key Areas

animal print ottoman decor

Apply animal print accents strategically to certain areas. Focus on spaces where you want to draw attention, such as the living room or bedroom. Avoid excessive use in areas like kitchens or bathrooms, which can become overwhelming due to their functional nature.

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With that, we hope you have been able to overcome your hesitation with animal print décor and found all the courage you need to take the reins of this project now.

If you want to add a touch of professional finesse, contact ali & shea today to seamlessly incorporate animal prints into your home décor and unleash the raw potential of your space.

Whether it is a commercial space like an office or showroom or a residential one like a condo, an apartment, or a luxe bungalow, everything can be honed into true perfection with ali & shea’s interior design expertise and service!


What patterns go with animal print?

Animal prints can be paired with solid neutrals, stripes, polka dots, denim, leather, natural textures, jewel tones, florals, monochrome prints, and abstract geometric patterns to create stylish contrasts and balanced outfits.

Can you mix animal prints in décor?


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