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Nested in the heart of Aspen, ali & shea Interior Designers find inspiration in nature's beauty. We love turning regular places into unique mountain retreats that capture the spirit of these majestic peaks. Our style mixes rustic charm with modern mountain living, making homes cozy and contemporary.

Our design philosophy is rooted in collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail. We believe that the best interiors are those that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, wants, and lifestyles, ensuring that each project reflects their personal tastes.

Feel free to explore our residential, commercial and before-after portfolio to view our completed projects.

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Our Commitment

Begin a personalized adventure crafted with you in mind, from the first conversation to the final reveal. Our process starts by deeply understanding the lifestyle and dreams unique to your family. Then, our team collaboratively shapes designs that are a true reflection of your individual vision.

In partnership, we'll handpick materials that not only resonate with the local environment but also indulge your desire for sophistication. Imagine spaces designed for openness and flow, captivating fireplaces, and windows that artfully frame the majestic beauty of the mountains, all coming together to forge your perfect retreat.

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1. Expertise Rooted in Locale: ali & shea are deeply attuned to the unique allure of Aspen, leveraging their profound understanding to elevate your home into a design showcase that captivates and inspires.


2. Designs That Speak to You: Our approach is to delve into the essence of your lifestyle, tastes, and dreams, ensuring that each aspect of the design resonates deeply with your personal narrative.


3. Elegance Rooted in Nature: We artfully weave Aspen's natural beauty into the fabric of your home, striking a perfect balance between contemporary luxury and the timeless appeal of mountain elegance.

4. Comprehensive Design Journey: From the initial vision to the final flourish, we oversee every detail of the design journey, offering you a harmonious and effortless transformation of your space.

Why Us

Meet The Team

With a decade’s worth of experience in the interior design industry, ali & shea have been serving as luxury interior designers in Aspen, catering to both homes and businesses. Whether it's managing new construction, full-service interior design with furniture selection & procurement, or remodeling, we're by your side throughout your entire interior design journey.

Our mission is to craft distinctive spaces that seamlessly unite beauty and comfort, striking the perfect harmony.

Our Process

Our process comprises 4 phases, beginning with a consultation.

Consultation: In our initial meeting, we'll take the time to understand you, your aspirations, and your requirements. We'll explore your stylistic inclinations and financial considerations. With a comprehensive grasp of your project, we'll then craft a tailored design strategy.

Design Plan: The design blueprint will encompass a mood board, spatial layout, and visual renderings, accompanied by a precise budget outline. Following your endorsement of this blueprint, we will proceed to the execution stage.

Implementation: The execution stage encompasses the entire process from selecting and ordering furniture to the installation of final finishes. Throughout this phase, we'll collaborate closely with you to ensure the project progresses smoothly and meets the agreed timeline.

Final Touches and Wrap-Up: In the concluding phase, the placement of furniture and the introduction of decorative touches bring the space to life, adding the final layers of personality and style. A thorough review ensures that every detail aligns with the vision, marking the project's completion as a true realization of the design dream.

Next Step to
Get Started

Please contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your project and how we can help you create the perfect space for your needs.

Have inquiries about our services? Refer to our FAQ section for clarity.

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