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ali & shea - Interior Design & Architecture

We are a full-service interior design and architecture firm based in the beautiful mountain town of Aspen.

Our mission is simple: We're here to truly listen and understand. The magic of a successful project starts with us grasping your goals and dreams crystal clear. We take pride in our honest conversations and being available when you need us.

The ultimate goal? We want your space to feel like an instant fit for you and your family. We act as the behind-the-scenes enablers, making things happen – translating, refining, and putting in the effort to transform your vision into a breathtaking reality.


What sets us apart? Your dreams become reality with us. We specialize in crafting homes that match your style, whether it's sleek modern, inspired by the mountains, timeless classic, or a unique fusion tailored just for you. From new builds to renovation projects focused on effortless livability, we're here with you every step of the way.

Ready to dive in? Reach out to us for fresh and imaginative design solutions for both homes and businesses. Let's make your spaces come alive!

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